Water’s Edge


Water’s Edge (W.E.) is a nondenominational church which loves and is passionate about Christ.  We are a real mix of people from all ages and backgrounds. We have a warm, welcoming environment where we are focused and concerned with the condition of the heart, not the outward appearance of the person.

W.E. may be casual in our appearance, but we desire to be passionate in our pursuit of Christ. 

We believe fostering strong relationships is key to a strong church. We work to build relationships in which believers can feel safe, asking for prayer and celebrating God’s grace, love and victories. We at Water’s Edge encourage discipleship; helping each believer to utilize his/her strengths for the Lord, because we believe everyone is gifted to make a difference.  We believe these relationships must reach beyond our walls.    

It is our desire at Water’s Edge to reach into the hearts of as many people as God will allow. Our central location in the community allows for high impact. We are all about being the heart and body of Christ, and we strive to make Him real for all. Water’s Edge is an “Out of the Box” church, because there is no box big enough to contain God.


Welcome to Water’s edge:

Water’s Edge

Dive Time (formerly SS)

9:00 AM

Sunday Services

10:15 AM

Children’s Church

Immediately after worship during the message.

341 W. Walnut St.

Ogden, IA.